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What Is VPS Hosting? – Discover More…

Those who are starting up an online business or who are planning to promote a website may have to consider getting a good web hosting service. One of the cheapest hosting services that you can get online is VPS hosting. Perhaps, if this is the first time you have heard about this service you might want to know what this can offer to webmasters like you.

What is VPS Hosting?

Apart from having a dedicated server or opting for shared hosting services, making use of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting can also be a great option for website builders. Server level customization is possible through this type of hosting which is an added advantage. Access to software such as cPanel for website promotion is also possible through this hosting service.

More often it is said to be the future of web hosting, as it does not only have its innovative approach in hosting, but it is also capable of providing users the ability to get access to a server that provides the same functionality as that of the dedicated ones in a very affordable price.

Advantages in Using VPS Hosting

Aside from the cheaper price, one can also get access to the various features that this type of web hosting service can offer. Where the user will be able to gain more access and control on the server and get support from the provider whenever needed.

A lot of people consider VPS hosting as one of the most practical, economical beneficial and efficient methods when it comes to internet hosting. VPS stands for ‘virtual private server’ and VPS hosting can also be termed as dynamic hosting and it offers users consistent and economic hosting service by using a dedicated server that has a unique IP address and this unique IP address helps add security. A dedicated email server is also used in order to lessen the chances of spam blacklisting. There are a lot of techniques that you can use with VPS hosting and if these techniques are used correctly, they can be very beneficial for your business.

You can avail of a VPS hosting plan from our hosting reviews and there are 9 Levels that you can choose from starting from the very basic to the most advanced. The first 2 levels of the VPS hosting plan are semi-managed which means that you will not be able to have a cPanel and Plesk if you choose to purchase these. Levels 3 to 9, on the other hand, are fully managed which means you can choose to have cPanel or Plesk for your VPS hosting plan.

All hosting plans from vps Hosting include the following in the package: unlimited domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, weekly off site backups, Unlimited FTP accounts, free Site Builder software, private nameservers, full root access, Virtuozzo power panel and customer support any time of the day at any day of the year. You also get to avail of 4,500 free website templates that you can use in case you don’t have one yet for your website and you can make use of the website transfer, domain transfer, MySQL transfer and Script transfer, all at no costs. There are also 52 ready to install scripts that are free of charge as well. At VPS Hosting, you not only get a lot of free things, you also get the top of the line network which gives you gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 20 mbit connection and multiple layers of network security.

Avail of the most basic VPS hosting plan now at only $19.95 a month and get a 20% discount on your first month then feel free to upgrade your VPS hosting plan anytime as your business requires you to. At our VPS Hosting reviews, you are sure to find the perfect VPS hosting plan for your business’s hosting needs.

Who Should Use VPS Hosting?

Those who are running several websites and would like to get easy access to certain privacy privileges as well as data and files stored on their private computer can make use of this hosting service conveniently. Not only will the user be able to conveniently have access to data and obtain privacy privileges but can as well set up a proxy server that is encrypted to ensure data is kept properly among users. Those website owners who opt for more flexibility in transferring files and getting access to efficient communications should make use of VPS Hosting.

Why Use It?

Making use of VPS Hosting allows users to get access to the most advanced service when it comes to web hosting solutions. With the virtual and other features that this type of hosting service can offer, users can make sure that they can take advantage of a reliable and more flexible web hosting option for their online businesses.

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