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Premium Video Hosting For Corporates – Wistia And Vimeo

Before dive to deep into this. Just a little background. Here is a video of a review of inmotion hosting below. You can read our review here.

This video is produced by Full Frame videos and is hosted by Youtube. This is what we’re talking about in this article – video hosting. Although this video is on our site, the video actually “lives” in the youtube site. This is in essence the service that Youtube provides to it’s customers. Although Youtube is the most common, there are a few  notable alternatives that are worth talking about.

If you’re looking for premium video hosting for corporate users, consider Wistia and Vimeo. Each one has its own set of specialties and strengths. On any given day, millions of people search online for videos. It only makes sense to incorporate them into your business model. Here is a breakdown of both Wistia and Vimeo’s service, making it easier to decide which one is for you.


Wistia is a video hosting website that specializes in professional level media. You can easily upload your videos to the website and then have the tools you need to track performance. When working with this platform, you can choose where you videos are played and adjust how they will look when they eventually make it to social media and search engines. It’s the perfect way to customize the user’s experience with your videos.

You also can use it to increase sales. One of the nicest features of Wistia is that it allows you to see who watched your videos and send them intro information, specials that might interest them or any other information you want. You can link your email collector to whatever email marketing software you currently use. The software does the rest. This is a great tool for sign-up pages, leading potential customers through carefully crafted touch points or giving them periodic calls-to-action.

The other benefit of Wistia is that it allows you to use “heatmaps”. This is a feature that lets you see exactly what parts of your video were most engaging, what parts were repeated and what parts were skipped over. An easy to read graph tells you exactly where your most compelling information was. This is a great way to understand your customer base and what exactly speaks to them. Understanding what your customers want makes it that much easier to customize their positive experience.

Finally, with this software you also can automatically send the video that your viewer needs to maximum viewability. The servers for Wistia detect the connection speed and can alter delivery to the most appropriate video that minimizes buffering. All in all this is a great option for premium video hosting.


Vimeo is another premium video hosting company. This one features a lot of user-friendly inclusions. You can easily share your videos and they also come with performance stats to read. Working with this platform allows you the ability to perfect your video before it goes public too. This is a great option for those just getting into the world of video hosting. You can upload your video and decide who can see it while you work on it. Then, when it’s ready you can make it fully public. This is a great feature that allows you to take constructive criticism and work it into your presentation.

It also allows you to showcase your videos without any third-party ads. As long as you have a premium account, you won’t have to worry about any pre-rolls, post-rolls or even overlays. Ads are completely out of the picture with this platform. That’s a highly convenient feature—especially in today’s market where ads are everywhere in video. Just think of YouTube and the ads you constantly have to sit through before you get to your intended content.

With Vimeo, you also can work without restriction. File size and bandwidth are not a problem. All paying members get unlimited bandwidth included with their account. This is one of the best features of the service. You won’t have to worry about any limitations or any penalties as a result of larger files. On top of that, you get plenty of storage space with the professional accounts. Yes- you possibly can reach the limit, but it will take a long time to get there.


It’s no secret that videos are highly effective forms of media these days. People love seeing the company’s human quotient when they are considering working with them. Use professional videos for corporate marketing, increasing sales and sharing your best information.


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