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Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

How important it is to your business to have a dedicated server? Well, that actually depends on a lot of things such as the kind of business you are in, how big your business is, what you want to achieve with it and such. If you are considering a dedicated server for your growing online business, you are making a wise decision. However, if you are searching to get a dedicated server for your website, make sure you are getting it from a very reputable company like RSC Hosting to get assured your money’s worth.

The best thing about having a dedicated server in your company is that you own the whole server so you do not share anything with anyone else. It is the exact opposite of shared hosting where you are required to share the server with few other users so that you can split and lower the costs of hosting as well. Honestly, there are a lot of hosting companies out in the market that can provide you with a dedicated server for your website but no other company provides greater service than RSC Hosting.

Getting a dedicated server for your online company / business is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to think about and make. However, what even harder is finding a good company online that can give you the best dedicated server meeting all your needs. So it is great that you have access to a good provider like RSC Hosting. With RSC Hosting, you are sure to get all your dedicated server needs met and even exceeded.

You can select from a wide range of dedicated servers and each dedicated server is available at RSC Hosting. Whether you need a Linux dedicated server or a Windows dedicated server, you can get it here without any problem. For Linux Dedicated Servers, RSC offers you 4 choices to select from. The first one is the Basic Dedicated Server which costs $174 dollars per month but you can get this for $139 dollars on your first month, the next is a Standard Dedicated Server which is at $219 dollars per month but you only pay $175 on the first month.

You can also get the Elite Dedicated Server which starts at$223 dollars on the first month and $279 for the next recurring months and lastly, you have the Pro Dedicated Server which is at $374 dollars per month which you can get at $299 on the first month. There are also Basic Dedicated Servers, Standard Dedicated Servers, Elite Dedicated Servers and Pro Dedicated Servers for Windows. The lowest dedicated server option which starts at $174 dollars / month is available for only $74 on the first month and the most advanced one is at $274 on the first month and $374 on the next recurring months.

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