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Producing and Publishing Your Video To Your Website

The best practices for producing and publishing a video to your website include practical, technical, and sales characteristics. Each is equally important to the objective of the video regardless of whether you are selling something or presenting a point of view. Each concept needs to be tailored to garner the largest audience possible through shares on social media.

Use the right video

Most people just are not good enough to get a video perfect on the first shoot. People save all of their potential videos. A common and costly mistake is uploading the wrong version of the video. The solution is working out a numbering system and reviewing the video before you upload it. Some lucky people or businesses use a production company to produce their videos so this isn’t a worry.

Politically Correct Content (PC)

If your video is designed to offend a certain demographic and you intend to do this then go for it. People who want to sell to the largest audience possible have to consider the feelings, prejudices, and beliefs of the entire world. The world is your audience. You must check your video for any hint of prejudice based on race, color, sex, sexual preference, and faith. The merest hint of bias can get you a huge outpouring of hate mail or blog comments. The end result can be that so many people complain so vigorously that your ISP will ask you to remove the video. The worst result is you lose customers and money and may become the object of a campaign to put you out of business or get you off the net. Any sign of prejudice is a guarantee that your video just made the government unwilling to do business with you ever.

Length of your video

A lot can be said for short videos. Short videos show respect for the viewer’s time. Short videos cost less to make and take less time to upload.

The choice of length depends on what you plan to do with the video and what you are presenting. A video that hits the high points, is visually attractive, and has a definite call for action gets more results than a long video that explains everything.

Shoot a great looking video

It is impossible to adjust the quality of a video once it has been uploaded. The idea is to use the best equipment available to shoot the video. You get the benefit of a quality visual effect that is memorable because it can be seen.

Format, transcode and upload.

Pick a format that works with all of the operating systems available. Pay particular attention to being compatible with the formats that are used in phones. Most of the video viewing and buying is done from portable devices and the selection of an incompatible format is a guarantee that no one sees your video.

Use a video that automatically adjusts to any screen size. You do this with your video editor. This guarantees that anyone can see the video regardless of the device they are using.

Turn off everything in your computer except the video editor and the page you are adding a video to. This increases the speed of the upload tremendously because resources that are used by other programs can slow down uploads.

Embed codes do it all for you. Your video editor may allow you to use embed codes that include all of the parameters that make the video look its best and behave well. If the editor does not do this use an embed code that does.

Keywords. Every video has a title and at least one meta label. If you are presenting the video on your web page then all of the text involved with the video is subject to the almighty Google’s artificial intelligence search for originality and keywords.

Ranking. Your video ranking by Google can make the overall ranking of your site go down in search engine results. Think originality in the words you use in your video. Keyword use needs to be limited and specific to you.

Where to post. Having the video on your own web page is more advantageous to you in terms of sales than posting it on all the social media sites. You should post the video on your social media page because Google cannot use it against you in ranking the video or your web site.

How to stand out. Provide added value. Give people something they have never seen before. Use interactive elements that involve the viewer. Produce a video that helps the viewer solve a problem.

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